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washington crusaders


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just a couple of quick comments too.

i did not go for any DC logos on purpose-- mainly because i feel like a team should have ONE place they are from... which is why i really don't like the twins "TC" logo. i know i contraditcted myself because i said the like the LA angels of anaheim but what i really like is the OF --- not the LA or Anaheim. I guess I should have said i like the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. anyway yeah no DC logos

theres a couple of semi hidden W's in the sword you might not have noticed on first glance-- plus the district flag is incorporated.

obviously theres maps of washington there too

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Your best design yet. I like the overall execution and design.

One thing though... given the current state of world affairs, and what is going on halfway around the world, I can't imagine naming a team in our nation's capital "The Crusaders" being a wise idea. I don't see Bud Selig supporting it. But that doesn't mean I don't like the design or how you executed it.

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