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World Baseball Classic project - Pool C


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so I went ahead and decided to crank out Pool C. Two are conservative, and two are modern.

Puerto Rico - for the Boricuas I wanted to stay traditional. I went with Giants style piping and solid blue hats and socks with red lettering and a red alternate jersey. That script logo took me two hours to make. Its influenced by the Phillies lettering. The shoulder logo is my own design. Its a tree frog thats indegenious to Puerto Rico that is called "coqui" and is sort of the mascot of Puerto Rico. I thought it would make a cool logo


Cuba - since Fidel's boys have a rich baseball herritage, I also chose to stay conservative here. Piping is in the Cleveland Indians style, and I went with red hats. Past Cuban national teams have had a tailed script with the tail depicting the flag, so I decided to make my own take on that idea. I simple slapped the flag on the shoudler, as I was running out of ideas for a unique shoulder logo. We all get designer's block every now and then


Panama - This one is indeed modern. Vests with tapered striping on the shoulders and down the pants. Red is the dominant color over blue because most Panamanian national teams use red as thier primary color. Im very happy with how this one turned out, and I thought the simple yet modern script flowed well with the design


Netherlands - Yes, orange. There has to be orange. Otherwise it wouldnt be right. Another modern design, with upward tapers and piping paired with each other. Yes that is the Philly Eagles font that I used. the road uni uses the orange as mainly a trim color in order to give the road uni a darker look. Yes there is an orange alternate jersey. The shoulder logo is my own design but I admit its a rush job. I can probably make it much better if I took my time.


only got one more pool to go for this project now....

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