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Pirates logo


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I voted it a 3, but I don't know why I was so kind.

You can tell it's a pirate with a sword in his mouth, so that's kinda cool.

But there's just not enough detail to see much else.

Maybe it looks better in a clearer version of it.

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like i said, it's from a yearbook and it was a stitched logo on a band uniform from 1977. That explains it right? B)

But what exactly did you do other than add a crappy-looking wordmark?

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I have to agree with fearthelion...looks like our pirate here took one too many swords to the face...either that or he got acid thrown on him or something...

Maybe a clearer original copy might have helped here...

A for the effort though...

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all marks are either an eye, eyepatch, or wrinkle. Not that hard to make out.

Are you sure about that?

I finally did see a pirate in that work at the top...just took a few minutes of really close study to see it...

Like I said earlier...A for the effort on this, but I think you were doomed from the start b/c of the original image's quality (or lack thereof in this case)....

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This logo lacks clarity. The skull on the hat is the only real indication that it is suppose to be a pirate. Even if you had a picture perfect original, the design isn't that outstanding. I would find another pirate logo for source material and start over.

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...I'd also change the topic name, when I first entered this thread I thought it was going to be about the Pittsburgh Pirates, not some school only you and your Daddy have heard of.


I could post logos from professional Aussie Rules teams and you would never have heard of them.

This is for concepts, and they can be any team, anywhere.

Some don't even exist except in people's imagination, they're fantasy teams.

That said, I still don't like the Pirate much either.

It rates slightly in front of some of the old Hamilton Tigers logos you'll find on brandsoftheworld.com, but behind most pirate logos I've seen.

Maybe it's the clarity, maybe it's the age of it.

Maybe it's just not very good.

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