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Biggest sporting events you've attended


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1. 1988 Wales Conference Finals, Game 7 Boston Bruins vs. New Jersey Devils

2. 1999 Calder Cup Finals, Game 1, Providence Bruins vs. Rochester Americans

T-3. 2000 AHL All-Star Game, Rochester, NY

T-3. 2005 AHL All-Star Game, Manchester, NH

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I can never get into the big sporting events... mostly since the big ones are always at the Air Canada Centre (sorry Blue Jays), and the seats there are quite limited.

But I was at a couple of big sports entertainment events...

1) WWF Wrestlemania XVIII

2) WWE Summerslam 2004

3) WCW Mayhem 1999

4) WWF Breakdown 1998

Even though I've been to a lot of events, I hate going to wrestling shows -- in fact I was offered a ticket to a taping of Smackdown tomorrow but turned it down simply because I hate the crowd at those events.

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Here's my list...

1.) 2000 AHL Eastern Conference Finals Game 7--Providence at Hartford...Hartford completes a comeback from being down 3-1 in the series by winning Game 7 in OT on a goal by an ex P-Bruin (Terry Virtue). Simply put, this is the best hockey game I've ever attended. 13K plus at the HCC that night and it never sounded any louder when that light went on behind John Grahame.

2.) 2000 NLCS Game 4--St. Louis at New York. A co-worker of my ex g/f had Mets season tix and couldn't make this game, so he sold them to her...had a blast as we watched the Mets totally tear apart the Birds (after the game, I said I'd be amazed if the series went back to St. Louis)...was also the first time I ever felt the upper deck at Shea actually sway from all the cheering.

3.) 2000 AHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Game 5--Springfield at Hartford...The Falcons had jumped out to a 2-1 series lead and had lost a tough one at the SCC in Game 4. Tons of Falcons fans at the HCC that night...I remember seeing one Falcs fan holding up a "HARTFORD SUCKS" sign after the Pigeons got an early lead. Then the roof fell in (pun intended) on the Falcons as the pack ripped 7 unanswered to take the game 7-2 (with Chris Kenady of all people netting FOUR and doing a chicken dance after the last one just to rub it in)...needless to say, I didn't see my friend with the sign after the Pack started smacking Springfield around the ice :lol:

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1 - 1997 World Series Games 1 & 7 Marlins vs. Indians

2 - 2003 World Series Game 3 Marlins vs. Yankees

3 - 2002 Orange Bowl Florida vs. Maryland

4 - 2004 Outback Bowl Florida vs. Iowa

5 - 1996 Orange Bowl FSU vs. Notre Dame

6 - 2003 NHL All-Star Game @ Florida Panthers

7 - 1996 Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 Panthers vs. Avalanche

8 - 2000 NCAA Final Four Florida vs. Michigan State (Wisconsin and UNC)

9 - Many UF vs Miami, UF vs. FSU, and UF vs. UGA, and UF vs. Tennessee games

10 - Many Miami Dolphins playoff games

11 - Many Miami Heat playoff games (Didn't get to see Conf. Finals in person this year though :cursing: )12 - A handful of Florida Panthers playoff games

14 - Many Lipton and now Nasdaq tennis matches in Key Biscayne (I actually spoke with Anna Kournikova at her first Lipton!)

15 - FIRSTS: MLB game (White Sox @ Brewers in County Stadium in 1991), NFL (Steelers @ Dolphins in the rainiest game I've ever seen in 1989), NBA (Rockets @ Heat in 1992), NHL (Exhibition game between the Whalers and Islanders in 1990 I think)

16 - I know I saw a WWF match involving Jake the Snake Roberts and the Skinner in West Palm Beach when I was a kid, but I don't remember what the actual event was. I'm not that big of a wrestling fan anyway.

Anyways I'm at work so I gotta jet, but if I think of more games I'll post them.

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I've been fortunate in this area.

- 1979 - Seattle Mariners vs. Baltimore Orioles - 1st MLB game

- 1980 - Vancouver Canucks vs. Quebec Nordiques - 1st NHL game

- 1980 - Vancouver Canucks vs. Hartford Whalers - Saw Gordie Howe play live!

- 1985 Stanley Cup finals - Edmonton vs. Philadelphia (Game 3)

- 1986 Stanley Cup finals - Calgary vs. Montreal (Games 1, 2 & 5)

- 1988 Winter Olympics - At game when USSR clinches gold medal after beating Sweden

- 1989 - Phoenix Suns vs. Chicago Bulls - 1st NBA game, saw Micheal Jordan play live!

- 1989 Stanley Cup finals - Calgary vs. Montreal (Games 1, 2 & 5) - FLAMES WIN!

- 1992 Grey Cup in Toronto - Calgary vs. Winnipeg - STAMPS WIN!

- 1993 Grey Cup in Calgary - Edmonton vs. Winnipeg

- 1995 Grey Cup in Regina - Calgary vs. Baltimore

- 1999 - Hamburg SV vs. VfB Stuttgart - 1st European soccer game

- 2000 Grey Cup in Calgary - B.C. vs. Montreal

- 2004 Stanley Cup finals - Calgary vs. Tampa Bay(Games 3, 4 & 6)

- 2004 - Washington State Cougars vs. Oregon Ducks - 1st college football game

- 2004 - Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams - 1st NFL game

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1) Game 6 1993 world series (i was 6 at the time, so i wasn't able to fully appreciate it)

2) wcw mayhem, 1999 (both goldberg and bret hart won :woot: )

3) wwf wrestlemania xviii (would have been better if jericho had won. still got to see the nWo B) )

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2000- Inaugral game in Blue Jackets History

2002-Ohio State beats Michigan clinches birth in Fiesta Bowl

2003-Ohio State beats Miami in Fiesta Bowl wins national championship.

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I attended all of the 1992 NCAA Final Four events at the Metrodome. It was the Michigan Fab Five's first year, when they lost to Duke in the finals.

I was at the Dome the day before the Super Bowl that same year. It was just a brief tour and I didn't get to see the next day's game. Though I did meet Joe Gibbs.

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1992 Iron Bowl

need I say more?

no, but i will anyway- the '92 season ofcourse was the National Championship season for the Tide. But I was 12 years old, it was Thanksgiving Day and my dad, my brother and I went out to Legion Field. One of my favorite memories of all time...it was great. 17-0 shutout victory over Auburn. It doesn't get much better than that.


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The biggest for me have been

-Game 7 2003 ALCS (Boone HR Game)

-Game 4 2001 World Series (1st Yankees Comeback)

-Game 7 2003 Stanley Cup Finals

-Game 4 1995 Stanley Cup Finals

-Sunday round at the 2002 Masters (Got to talk to Tigers Family)

Those are the ones a like. The ones I've been to that I want to forget because of the Result.

Game 6 2004 ALCS (Bloody Sock Game :evil:)

Game 5 2000 Stanley Cup Finals (Triple Overtime Game, but the Stars won).

Overall, I have been to most of the Devils Cup Finals games. I've only missed 2 of those.

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Overall, I have been to most of the Devils Cup Finals games. I've only missed 2 of those.

Times like those make me wish I lived in an area that didn't care about hockey :)

Where I lived did care about Hockey there are just so many teams. The thing with the Devils is they have a young fan base (mostly under 30). Plus, they don't have that coporate precence because the suits want to be in Manahattan. So if you go to a Devils game it is mostly fans who care.

Season Tickets also helped with getting finals tickets. And for the Yankees leaving school early to buy the tickets online right when they go on sale help too.

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Being from Kansas I don't usually get to travel to big events but here is a list of "big events" that I've been to in no particular order.

?The last basebal game played in Mile High Stadium (Atlanta Braves v. Colorado Rockies)

?K-State Bowl games:

1997 Cotton Bowl v. BYU

1998 Alamo Bowl v. Purdue

?Just about every home KU Men's Basketball & Football game since 2001.

I've seen all the conference teams as well as Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Arizona, UCLA, St. Joe's, Michigan State, and many more.

?NCAA Men's 1st Round @ KC (2001 I think. Arizona, Notre Dame,...)

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