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I dunno. I dont think cream works for the Mets. Only certaint eams can pull it off. The Giants of course, but I also think the Braves, Indians, and Cardinals could all use it. It looks sort of out of place.

Other than that, very nice.

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I like the idea, but I also don't think the Mets need to use cream-colored jerseys at home.

Cream has worked great for the Giants, but there is an explosion of cream-colored concepts that is making the color less and less novel. Pretty soon, cream-colored home concepts are going to be the new powder blue road jerseys of the '70s and '80s.

I couldn't begin to explain why it works for the Giants and not the Mets; maybe it's because the Giants' history in New York predates the Mets' very existence, and it conjures up images of Willie Mays and Bobby Thomson. But this would be like putting the Brewers or Rangers in cream; it just would seem like they're trying too hard and forcing an idea because it looked good for one team.

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I do like the whites better than the creams.

Front numerals should be a little bigger.

And what is the color scheme for the piping (neck and sleeves and pantlegs)? Something looks uneven, but it may be the monitor and the resolution.

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