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My Troy Fantasy Concepts, Version 2.


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This is my second version of this concept. The first version can be seen here and here.

I decided to give this version a try after seeing how good the Trojans wordmark looks with the Miami Dolphins style numbers that they have in NCAA Football 2006, even though we use the standard block numbers. I also decided to add a silver pinline to the wordmark on the front of the jersey. It is not very visible on the home jersey, so here is a larger view of the wordmark. Anyway, without further delay, here are the latest versions of the my Troy fantasy concept. C&C is welcomed, but please be gentle. I know that there may be a few cosmetic flaws in the design. Thanks.

Home, Set 1 troyfanthomeset1.png

Road, Set 1 troyfantroadset1.png

Home, Set 2 troyfanthomeset2.png

Road, Set 2 troyfantroadset2.png

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These look really good. My only thing is that the Trojans wordmark is too big for my liking. I think it would look better smaller and right up against the collar, like how a lot of NFL teams have them right now.

Of course, that trend might play itself out in a few years, and then I'll be kicking myself and wondering what I was thinking. :)

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