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97-98 Belleville Bulls OHL Jersey and Logo


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This is a terrific site! I am a newby to it and I'm finding it very informative, but I need some further assistance in identifying a jersey & logo. This seems to be the place ( you guys are definitely the Pros!). I recently acquired a game worn Belleville Bulls OHL hockey jersey, supposedly from the 97-98 season. From what I have been able to find and is the case on this website, there are 3 logos in the Bulls history, but there is a gap between 98 and 99. I might just be reading it wrong :o My jersey has the free-standing bull without the words "Belleville Bulls" surrounding the main logo. I am having one HECK of a time trying to track down any other jerseys from this year to compare it to, so you guys are my last hope! If you have any info or would like to see pics of the jersey to help, please drop me an email or reply. Thanks in advance!!! B)

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