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Appalachian State Baseball Concept


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I like the 'A' much better as the cap logo. The one you have on the home set would probably work better as a sleeve patch.

I'm also not big on the Brody Script as the home wordmark. Both wordmarks, I think, are just a bit too small as well. They should be the focal point of the front of the jerseys, and as they are now, I don't think they are.

But otherwise, this is good. Very well-executed. I like the yellow piping on the pants.

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Overall, I like it. I like Yosef on the cap, and the way he's drawn makes it a logo you could put on a cap. If you're not going to put him on the road cap, he could be a sleeve logo.

My only gripe is the 3-D wordmark on the road. The perspective is off; the letters aren't coming right at you as much as up and to the right along a plane that distracts my eyes.

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First, switch the caps. If you say "Mountaneers" on the chest, you don't need to have a mountaneer on the cap. And if you say "Appalachian" on the chest, you don't need to have an A on the cap. Most teams that have multiple caps use the home-city initial at home, where the shirt says the team nickname, and the team-nickname cap on the road, where the shirt says the home city. Follow that lead.

Second, the home unis should use the same font and style as the roads. You can find plenty of examples of that on ASU's web site. And while you're at it, think about adding "State" to the road unis. Try it to see how it looks, if you haven't already, and then decide one way or the other. This isn't a case like Miami, where you could mean Florida or Ohio, or Washington, which could mean St. Louis or the Pacific Northwest, so "Appalachian" on its own is just fine.

Third, get rid of the text in the crossbar of the A. The white A is just fine on its own. A crossed ASU, especially in an old-style script, would look great as well. But just ripping the A off the football helmets doesn't work in this case.

Those nitpicks aside, it's a nice concept. Simple and classy, like baseball should be.

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