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Adidas D-I football schools


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I'm trying to find a list of all D-I football teams wearing adidas this season, and I can't. So far, this is who I have on the list:



Arizona St.




Notre Dame




Who am I missing?

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I haven't seen anything about new jerseys for BC. Do you know if they're going to be different or just the old uniforms with an adidas logo? I hope adidas can clean them up a bit- the ones they have now are way too busy, especially considering the simplicity of their helmets.

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Take off the bowl game patch, and BC's uniforms aren't that busy at all. Big East/ACC logo, Reebok (now adidas, evidently), small collar logo, sleeve logos, and name/numbers. Except for the sleeve logos, all the other patches are fairly small.

If BC had shoulder or sleeve numbers, then it would look cluttered.

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I looked, and all I could find on gopack.com was what looks like a replica, so I don't know how much stock to put into this:



If the replica is correct - which I doubt until I see an authentic - the black panels under the arms are gone, the piping is gone from the top of the sleeve and down the sides.

I'd look more, but gopack.com makes me feel... unclean.


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ON a similar theme to this, does anyone know where I coudl get an authentic Adidas jersey for Bowling Green? Sometimes the mfrs. have extras and stuff like that just wondering if anyone knew where to get one.

The ones available in BG are replicas made by either www.athlete-tech.com (good source for replica smaller colleges) or SportTex.

I still don't understand why BGSU or adidas have not offered Bowling Green jerseys, they could market Bowling Green the same way Nike markets Gonzaga hoops gear.

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I don't know if we're still wearing adidas or not, but FAU now has a contract with Nike. They continued to wear the old adidas style uniforms last year even though all of the equipment (sweatbands, shoes, etc.) was Nike. They may be waiting a couple of years to get new Nike uniforms.

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