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the braves


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as we have said time in and time out, go slow on your concepts, take time to make them perfect. Instead of filling in color and slapping on some logos, make it just right instead of putting out 4 or 5 sub-par concepts a day. It will make all the difference

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Colored sleeves beneath a colored vest... :blink:

Coloring in the middle of the jersey around the buttons... double :blink:


It's not just a statement, make it a mantra.

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IMO it's terrible. I think the blue on the sleeve throws it off.

thats constructive <_<

as for the concept, i agree with redsfan and VD. take time to make one concept really good instead of turning out a lot of mediocore concepts.

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if the letters were like blue outlined in red or vise-versa then it would look alright, but letters the same color as the jersey doesn't look too great. Also the midlle part of the jersey colord in doesn't look too great, try piping. :welcome:

EDIT: also try using image tags: %7Boption%7D (click the IMG button at the top of the reply/post page then type the link into the window)

the image tags allow you to have the image on the actual page so you don't have to click the link, you'll just see the image.

(saving the file as .png doesn't fluff up your image)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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