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Astros Concept Jerseys


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Not bad. I can see the potential. I like the nod to those old rainbow jerseys. I'd like to see a version that's a little more old school with the look but keep the colors. Maybe a more traditional font for the lettering.

Also how about using the old H on a star hat design?

All in all a very nice idea and a good start.

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I like the overall concept. And the futuristic feel is right for a team like the Houston Astros, product of the Space Age and NASA and artifical grass and everything progressive that we embraced for a generation.

My only gripes:

Gradients, especially on the numbers. It's not necessary and detracts by making the whole uniforms look too gimmicky.

Gradient on the wordmark - since the font you used has a built-in break line running horizontally through it as part of its design, you could have two-tone letters without resorting to a true gradient.

Gray sanitaries on the road don't look very sanitary. If you're not going to go with white sanitaries, pick a color other than gray, so it doesn't look like the 'Stros don't do their laundry on road trips.

There should be a dark color from the "cool" end of the spectrum. Red, orange and yellow are all warm, bright colors. There's nothing to really offset these colors when used together. Instead of black drop shadowing, why not use navy as an outline color, and the color for the player names and numbers? It'll offset the other warm colors better. I'd even suggest taking it further - navy caps, and a navy background on the sleeve patch. It'd sharpen up the other colors.

Not crazy about the red belts. Which implies red shoes. Navy (or black, if you have to have it) would be better choices for both.

Good stuff.

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