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Some MLB Concepts


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These have been on my hard drive for awhile.


Devil Rays



More of experimentation than anything with the Astros. The tan uniforms were an idea that was floating around my head for a long time, and I admit, they look a lot worse on paper.

But I do believe that's what the Rockies and D-Rays should wear. Clean and simple.

Edit: I forgot one more that I had, the Athletics. The only major changes I made here was the addition of a fourth alternate, and the road cap becoming the full-time cap (honestly, I think it looks better).

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Astros - as a Stros fan, I dont really care for the sand colored roadie. Yes, sand is one of their colors, but its an accent color.

Rays - other than the cap changes, you didnt do much to what they wear now, and I like what they wear now.

Rocks - Only if the Rocks owner pulled his head out of his butt and saw these, I'd rather see them wear these.

A's- I cant complain with what they have now, and their road cap is meant for the road

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Solid concepts, and I would actually eliminate the sand colored concept from the Astros and you have a nice set. I don't know why many of the concepts posted here, ALWAYS have an alt. uniform. I don't think it's always necessary. I am not knocking it though, but I don't think it's always necessary to make. I really like the yellow A's jersey too!

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Houston's tan is too tan. I like the shade of red, though. On the Rockies. Stay away from silver numbers. They'll never show up in the daytime. As for the A's, except for no sleeve logo they look like what they wear now. Tampa's are OK, but there's not much any uniform can do for that team (except beat the Bronx Bumblers). :blink:

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