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Lions in Black for last exhibition game


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I know its been discussed before, just an FYI. For what its worth, this long-suffering Lions fan welcomes the change...just win already...

From The Detroit News "...BLACK DEBUT: The Lions announced they would break out their new black alternate jerseys in the Aug. 29 exhibition against St. Louis -- their first "Monday Night Football" appearance at Ford Field. Their last "Monday Night Football" appearance was Oct. 8, 2001, a 35-0 loss to St. Louis at the Silverdome.

It has been more than half a century since the Lions have worn a jersey that wasn't predominately Honolulu blue or white. The Lions wore combinations of scarlet, white and black in 1948; Honolulu blue and silver at home and the other colors on the road in '49; then Honolulu blue and silver from '50 on. NFL teams can wear alternate jerseys as much as once in the preseason and twice in the regular season. Keenist said the Lions had decided when they would wear black in the regular season but declined to announce the games."

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sorry no pix here, either. but i can tell you the color combos on the 1948 thru 1950 lions:

48: black leather helmet, black jerseys, white pants, black socks.

black helmet, black jerseys, black pants, black socks (yes, ALL black)

black helmet, red jersey, white pants and red socks.

49: red helmet, red jerseys, white pants, red socks (interior linemen wore silver helmets)

honolulu blue helmet, 'lulu blue jerseys, silver pants, 'lulu blue socks (interior linemen wore silver helmets).

for 2 away night games (in l.a. and pittsburgh): red helmets (all players), red jerseys, black pants, red socks.

50: red jersey and helmets still worn with white pants and red socks, and the honolulu blue and silver stuff was worn as well. linemen wore the silver helmets.

51 back to honolulu blue and silver full time, with a nice 250th anniversary patch for detroit's founding on the left sleeve.

yes, the lions CAN claim black for historical purposes, but remember, they were a rather crappy 12-24 during this stretch.



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