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Cubs BP/Alternate


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First edited jersey. Since I'm not the biggest fan of the Cubs alternate jersey, I decided to make a new one, based on the reversed shirts that I've seen a lot of around Chicago. Unfortunately, I cannot find a picture of the shirt on the Internet. It's basically the blue alternate jersey, except the colors are reversed (the jersey is red, the numbers and names are blue). I decided to make it the Cubs' first jersey without sleeves, and I use a couple of old Cubs logos; one on the hat, and the other on the sleeve. The jersey is meant to be more of an away jersey, as suggested by the pants. I actually designed it with an old Blue Jays alternate jersey in mind (from 1997, I believe). Anyway, enough with the rambling - my first jersey design!


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This is pretty well-executed, but overall I'm not a fan.

I've said in another thread that there are too many red alts in MLB these days, so I won't rehash that too much. In the NL Central alone, the Astros and the Reds already have red alts; the blue alts almost make them stick out more.

Bringing back the old logos in a nice idea, but I'd say pick one and stick with it. When you've got one cub logo on the sleeve and a different one on the hat, it's just too inconsistent for my liking.

I'm not feeling the blue pinstripes on the red vest, either. My feeling is that the stripes will hardly be visible, especially from the cheap seats or on TV, and overall it comes off looking like what a local beer league slopitch team would wear.

And, as has been mentioned a few times around these parts, this actually would not be the first sleeveless Cubs jersey. They were in fact one of the first MLB teams to roll out vests in 1940, as you can see here.

Anyway, :welcome: to the boards, and hope I wasn't too harsh. :D

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No No No!! What is with everyones obsession with having a solid stripe down the button area?!

I don't get this either. It doesn't even look good on a fashion jersey. It certainly doesn't look like something a professional team would wear today.

Welcome aboard, and I am going to try not to be too harsh, but I don't like the jersey much at all.

- the Cubs' three main division rivals wear primarily red, and have for over a century (Cardinals, Reds); the third rival (Astros) use a shade of red as part of their new look, and had it as part of the Rainbow Belly Era. The Cubs make royal blue work for them. As such, it should be primary.

- the center colored area. Oh, please no.

- colored pinstripes on a colored jersey. Pinstripes are a great accent on WHITE jerseys. On colored jerseys, they wind up resembling an old TV test pattern. Visually distracting. And white stripes aren't the answer, either.

- black belts with royal blue trim. Especially with royal blue beltloops (not hot on that idea either). No matter what Duke University, DePaul University and the Blue Jays try tell you, royal blue and black do not go together well. Ever.

- jersey logo: "C-UBS". Sleeve logo: cub head, present alternate. Cap logo: cub head, late '70s. Do not, I repeat, MIX AND MATCH ERAS. There is a reason certain logos were scrapped and new ones replaced them. They're not meant to be worn together.

- in short, this resembles an index case of New Designer Syndrome. The signs/symptoms include adding too many design elements (here: pinstripes, vests, colored body, colored beltloop, colored button area), mixing eras without any regard to whether they'll be congruous together (2 cub heads on the same uniform).

Before I go on, I am starting to feel like a broken record. And I am not the only one here. You may do well to refer to this thread, also on the Concepts page, and heed some of the advice. I'm not just picking on you, but this is a variation on a theme that is getting out of hand.

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