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Possible Alternate Jerseys (NFL)

Nick 1733

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Okay, I'm doing an NFL uniforms type thing and figure I could use everyone's help. Like in ESPN NFL 2K5 they have unique alternate uniform/jersey combinations and figure I'll do as many as I can think of.

So here's what comes to mind:

Cardinals: Yellow, Black, Blue

Falcons: Black (used)

Ravens: Black (used), Gold, Yellow

Bills: Red, Royal, Nickel

Panthers: Silver

Bears: Orange (used)

Bengals: Orange (used)

Browns: Orange (used)

Cowboys: Silver, Royal, Black

Broncos: Orange (used)

Lions: Black (used), Silver

Packers: Yellow

Texans: Red (used)

Colts: Black

Jaguars: Black (used), Gold

Chiefs: Yellow, Black

Dolphins: Orange (used), Navy

Vikings: Yellow, Black

Patriots: Silver (used), Red

Saints: Gold (used)

Giants: Red (used)

Jets: Black, Gray

Raiders: Silver

Eagles: Black (used), Silver

Steelers: Yellow

Chargers: Powder Blue (used), Yellow

49ers: Gold, Black

Rams: Gold

Seahawks: Lime Green, Navy

Buccaneers: Pewter, Black, Orange

Titans: Columbia (used), Red

Redskins: Yellow

Anyone that can think of any others, post them.

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These are the ones I thoink should be made, that havent been used yet.

Cardinals: Black or Blue

Bills: Red or Royal)

Cowboys: Silver

Packers: Blue throwback alt used in 1994

Chiefs: Black

Vikings: Yellow

Patriots: Red

Jets: Gray

49ers: Black

Rams: Gold

Seahawks: Lime Green (for one game only)

Buccaneers: Pewter or Black

Redskins: 70th Anniversary unis with spear helmet

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The Colts are not black.

Cards are not blue.

Dolphins are not navy. They are tealish.

I wouldn't exactly say the Vikings are black.

Jets are not grey or black.

The Colts, Jets, and Vikings don't have black. But I've seen black fashion alts for the Jets and the Vikings. And since the Colts only hav 2 colo(u)rs (unless you count their facemask) black would probably be used on an alt since that's what everyone else does.

The 'Phins do have navy in their drop shadow on the numbers.

The Cards use to have blue in their scheme and it's in the state flag, so you never know.

Some of these jerseys are available to the public, just not the actual team.





:ninja: Be afraid. Be verrrrrrrrrrry afraid

The only other alts I can think of would be Red and Blue for the Steelers.

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that blue dolphins jersey kicks the crap out of the orange dolphins jersey. Just don't how it would look with the helmet and pants since the blue is barely noticeable in those.

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Okay, everyone understand that any one on the list that has '(used)' by it has been used or is available for use.

The Rams gold jersey is NOT available for use.

Now, I could be wrong, PANTONE is the one that knows for sure.

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The Rams do have gold, Martz just doesn't like 'em, and has never had the team wear them.

no thats a fashion jersey. never been listed as useable

Really? I could have SWORN they were actual jerseys? :blink:

If the Rams are real this is.

Where is Pantone when you need him??

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