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Washington Capitals concept


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Growing up, the "CapiLals" logo was one of my favorites, as were Washington's star-studded jerseys. Many felt that it was time for a change when the Caps left Landover and brought in their current swooping eagle / capitol dome look. I tend to agree that their old look was getting horribly dated, but I just wonder what it would look like if they went back to their roots, so I went with their old t-hockey-stick idea and threw in the Washington Monument as a focal point: Happy viewing.


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its really well executed and looks good but i have two problems with it.

the washington monument and sticks really don't look like a T at all.

and the monument itself being there instead of the capital dome.. idk it just seems so wrong. if it were a different team name - anything but capitals- then it would be fine, but with a name like capitals how can you have a building other than the capital building?

and 2 very minor things... the C is a little small on the jerseys and the alt jersey has its own stripe combo different from the others.. thats a little distracting.

im just nitpickin though it really is a nice logo and jersey set.

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Love the idea, not so crazy about the execution. Just a few ideas:

1. The other letters in "Capitals" slant one way, the "t/stick" slants the other. With the Monument behind it, it looks very jumbled - not to mention, it's the wrong Washington icon, like GFB said. Might as well stick with the US Capitol Building, even though the team is named not for the building but for being the nation's capital (spelling counts! ^_^ )

2. On the non-white jerseys, there is an excessive use of silver/gray. Given the nation's colors, and that the acceptable trim color is usually gold for flag tassling instead of silver, try more white where you have silver. Silver is associated with 2nd place and Americans seem to like going for the gold. :flagusa: !!!

3. Something about the alternate crest just doesn't scream "top-level hockey" to me. Maybe it's writing "Washington" across the front. Or that you have 4 layers already involved in the crest without the lettering (star/circle/Monument/sticks). It's too involved. People will get the idea without having to cram it so full of designs.

4. I like the nod to Washington's past with the red shoulders and the waistline striping. But I am with GFB here too: consistency in the striping pattern would help tremendously. Seeing "Caps' style" striping decreases the need for spelling out the team/city name that much more. For an example, think about the Rangers' shoulder stripes, or the Senators' laurel leaf stripe. Very distinctive; I got the idea that this was a Caps concept just by looking at the striping and shoulders on the white jersey.

5. Radial-arc lettering is just not very NHL either. You could try vertical arching, like the Avs, Panthers and Rangers use. But radial arc is best left to MLB and the NBA.

These could look phenomenal with a little less clutter and some streamlining. Nice job!

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I agree with the previous comments, and I have to add that the font is looking pretty bush league. I would go with something sans serif, the letters just look a little elementary to me.

Great work, though.

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The main complaint I have is the font. I agree with those who suggested something sans-serif. The backs of the jerseys remind me of the Price Is Right wordmark...it' just not working for me. The logo has potential, but as people have mentioned, the washington monument isn't working as the "T". Whatever happened to just using the stick as the "T"? Isn't that how the original caps logo worked? The alternate logo is a bit too busy. Is the circle or star really necessary? The primary logo is working much better, and it lacks both the star and the circle.

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