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Brooklyn Dodgers' concept


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Great work. But you've got to include the red front numbers. After all, Dem Bums were the first MLB team to wear numbers on the front, so it's mandatory that they be included. DYK- That the Dodgers had a new set of uniforms featuring front numbers that they were going to break out for the '51 World Series. Bobby Thomson took care of that notion. The Dodgers had to wait until '52 to debut the look.

Try that Brooklyn Bridge logo on the sleeves. Much better than the "B."

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if swiss wants to protect his template then you all should just shut the hell up and let him okay.

its his template, he can do what he wants with it and its his choice as to whom he chooses to share it with.

so quitcha bitchin.

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there's no need to get on everybody like you're a cop, :censored:.

I gotta say, u cant really blame him. Hes still POed about people screwin with his sigs.

But yea, ehs, youre right, that is a pretty sweet template.

And a good concept alouettesfan.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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