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Youth League Question?


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Any one done any fund raising for a league? I need suggestions...

I have done a team fund raiser but not for a league.

What is a good amount to ask businesses for to sponsor a team for a season..

Baseball Pony League is what I am involved with...

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The amount to request would depend upon the type of sponsorship. Would these companies sponsor a team (with the company on the uniforms), or have a plaque at the field? If the name goes on the uniforms, how long do they last? One season, two or more?

Is your league publishing a handbook or directory? My high school band used to publish a program at a competition that we hosted, and the advertising would start anywhere from a patron listing, to a business card size ad to a full page. I think the business card ads were around $15 or $20, I don't remember what the full page was ($75-$100, something like that). So the companies would still be linked as sponsors for the band (or team), but nothing is visible on the uniforms.

Maybe some others here can help you out better with this. Try to contact someone within another sports organization to see how they handle sponsors.

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