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Mets alternate jersey concept


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Expanding on my previous Mets concept, I've made what would be a home alternate jersey. It's not meant to be in the previous uniform set, what with the 4 alternates already in that set, I made it cause I had the idea in my mind. I wouldn't want the Mets to use this anyway, I'm not a big fan of jersey vests. I just think this specific concept looks better with the vests. C & C appreciated.


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The concept overall is okay but I don't know about the "M" as the logo on the chest. When I think Mets I don't think of the "M." It's like making a Cardinals alt with a "C" in their script as the logo on the jersey. The "M" just isn't a part of their identity. They don't use it anywhere else so I don't think they would use it on a jersey.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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