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Tampa Bay Buccaneers concept


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Two things keep me from liking this.

1. Bucco Bruce. Either bring him back all the way, modernized or traditional, or don't bring him back at all. But mixing and matching logos and colors from identification packages that were never intended to be used together is not meant to work. And it isn't working here.

2. The font. It's just not legible, which defeats the purpose of putting numbers on uniforms in the first place. They're tough to read on static drawings. Imagine how hard refs or commentators will have it trying to identify 11 players moving at full speed from 20 or 30 yards away. It's a great idea but ultimately impractical IMO.

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I'm wondering, did you mean to bring back the Bucs' old orange or is that trim meant to be yellow?

anyways, I like the helmet and I liek the idea behind the alternate. The numbers, as mentioned, would be hard to read, though, and are way too big on the front.

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