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Kansas City Royals Concept


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I've seen a lot of Royals concepts on these boards. The general consensus, I've observed, is that all black should be removed from the uniforms, and gold really doesn't fit well as a substitute. Powder blue has recieved a mixed response. I personally think (and maybe I'm in the minority) that the Royals are one of the few teams in the league that can take the field in powder blue and still look damn good.

Now, I realize that there isn't much that is revolutionary about this concept. I included the road script that matched with the home, get rid of the drop shadows, axed the vests, etc. Basically, this is what I would consider perfection for this team. Simple and effective.


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Not bad. I like adding the power blue. The only thing about the crown being in power blue is that it can get lost since the blue is so light. Did you try the shield part of the logo in power blue, the crown in royal blue and the kc in royal blue? I dunno, it may look good or it may look like crap. Nice concept none the less. Keep up the good work!

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it takes (cough) testicular fortitude to walk out in powder blue roadies nowadays

but i love what you've done with it

simple and effective is the way to go for this team after several years of poor play and black unis

regarding the crown situation...

the powder blue is good, but rynoz is right

try his idea out

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