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my new thing


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- the N and D are my initials

- I wanted to use the word "design" in any way, shape, or form

.....therefore, I incorporated the "N" from my initials into the main design

- the little swoosh-thingy is to represent that I am only going up in the graphic design industry

the rest is for you to constructively criticize

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Very cool. But I'd like to see at least part of it with crisper edges rather than the fuzziness you've got going on now, especially the smaller type underneath. But that's about all I can nitpick on. :D

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please remember that photoshop effects don't make a designer, but a designer makes the effects.

clean and crisp beats the hell out of gimmicky and flashy any day of the week.

proper spelling, or something somewhat close, tends to convey a clear image of what you do.

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