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does it involve baby oil, a some chaps and a rubber chicken?

or maybe something about the michigan Foolverines?

...Grey Pupont,...uh...Shirley McClain...umm.....the War of 1812....Uzbekistan.....a one-legged man named Joe in Tyler, Texas? Ya know, common things like that?

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i was in the middle of making a post, and i forgot what i was gonna say. I just wrote that so i will remember to come back to it when i remember my original idea. THATS HOW

there is a little thing on your internet browser called the 'Back' button.

learn to love it.

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stupid Giants fan. Why post the topic if you forgot what you were gonna say?

And I actually agree with an Eagles fan! Wow!

Try to remember, but still, don't make the thread if its about nothing.

I bet half the guys on this board just want attention, which is why they screw around like this...maybe it was an accident..but still.

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OK, I'll lend a helping hand to a fellow Giants fan:

"Did anyone notice that Friday night, against the Jets, they wore their home blue jerseys? They must have been the home team, though the Jets could have very well been the home team."

I forgor what I was going to... um... I like cheese.

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I was at the Giants/Jets game Friday night and it was in fact a Giants game.

They used the Giants graphics on the screen, it was the Giants announcer, and the Jets were on the visitors sidelines. I actually sat at the 48 yard line 4 rows from the Jets sideline.

Messy game but always fun to see the Jets makes asses out of themselves on their own field.

Any way, the G-Men wore their home blues because they were the home team. And gosh do I love that majestic royal blue.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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