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Football fans tackle man wearing blasphemous jerse


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Football Fans Tackle Man Wearing Blasphemous Jersey

DENVER, CO-- Robert Smail didn't think he was doing anything wrong when he wore a two-teamed NFL jersey to last week's football game between the Broncos and the Chargers. Robert Smail wasn't thinking at all.

Smail, a particularly strange, yet unique fan of both the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers, was roughed up by several men who thought his "half 'n half" football jersey (one side Denver, the other side San Diego) was "an abomination."

"I don't know what they thought I did," said a sobbing Smail, 23. "I've always been proud of the 'Orange Crush', but I'm also a huge fan of Junior Seau. Is that so wrong?"

Apparently it was.

Smail was attending the game at new Invesco Field with a couple of old high school friends, when he was confronted by "four or five" angry football fans. His own friends, Bronco fans in their own right, were too stunned to help him. During the fray, Smail had the "devil-spawn" nylon jersey forcibly removed from his body, leaving him with only the ash-grey "Property Of UNLV" t-shirt he wore underneath.

Fans of both football teams were still jeering him, as he scrambled back to his mother's Chrysler Neon, parked in an event lot nearby.

One of the combatants, who would only give his name as "Sam", explained his actions: "I'm usually a very reasonable man, but when I saw that guy wearing a double-jersey like that, I just lost it. They're in the same division for Christ's sake." Sam described himself as a Broncos purist, and stated that he would defend the sanctity of Broncos merchandise whenever called upon again.

Wil Pemberton, a part-time popcorn concession worker, witnessed the incident. He believed that Sam's actions--and the others--were justified.

"That double jersey :censored: is intolerable," said Wil. "I could have understood if he was wearing a half Colorado Avalanche, half Quebec Nordiques jersey. That would have made sense. He would have been forgiven had it been a Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans jersey. Even an L.A. Rams/St. Louis Rams jersey...no wait, they're the same aren't they..."

Smail, when asked if he would wear the "other halves" of the jerseys to a future Broncos/Chargers game, replied: "I'll think about it. Maybe I'll just wear two different Offical NFL crew socks instead." Smail later admitted that he once wore a two-sided baseball cap of the Colorado Rockies and Montreal Expos. "So shoot me for being a Larry Walker fan," said Smail.

Sam, who overhead Smail's comments, deeply considered that suggestion as he left the stadium grounds with the blasphemous jersey under his arm, only slightly tattered from the fray.

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No, that's a real story.  I remember a while back when it happened.  I thought it was hilarious though that only a few years later, people were commended for the half and half "Bourque" jerseys people started sporting.

As an Avs purist, I'd have to rip that off any of you I saw wearing it!

Seriouosly though, doesn't anyone besides me look at this story and think what a sad commentary this is on the fans in this city?  I recall this past spring when people were burning Canadian flags at Islanders games.  I recall the fine citizens of Vancouver boo-ing the US National Anthem during the playoffs the year before (funnier yet when you realize they were playing the Avalanche who were sporting a 4/6 Canadian starting lineup that night).

Honestly, why shouldn't a paying fan be allowed to wear whatever he wants to?  

(As long as it's not a Rangers jersey at Nassau Colliseum, a Leafs or Canadiens jersey at the opposite team's arena, or a Jets jersey at Giants Stadium) :laugh:

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Like the Sharks are going to make the playoffs at this rate? ;)

Of course, the first-round matchup looming at the halfway point of the season is St. Louis vs Minnesota.  My hometown team vs the team where I now live (and I like them as well).  D'oh!

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i disagree wholeheartedly. I was at the game and thought IT SUCKED. Its was a TERRIBLE game, I left that building in a foul mood, I about ran over some smartass in the parking garage (intentionally), it flat out SUCKED BIG BROWN SMOLDERING CHUNKS.

is that what you wanted to hear?

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That's a funny site...

Maybe the stories are true, and they just make the pictures as funny add-ons. Most likely the only story that might be true is the split jersey story.

You can see the unintentional (but nearly unavoidable) eraser line... any real half-and-half jersey would be split between the numbers, but this one is split partially over the 5 of the Chargers.

The Gatorade bottle that the Grizzly is holding in the second story is about 2 times the size it should be, and looks like it was rotated in Paint (Paint users may or may not know what I mean).

The most ridiculous picture is the Temple of Karl and Book of Karl pictures in the Worshippers article. Who can argue with that visual proof?

The Casey Martin article is just bad.

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