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ONe of my Edmonotn Rush concepts


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I am having trouble finding the REALLY good one I did...but here is the fiirst quick concept I can up with. It was just an idea to start with I changed the font and added a cloud of smoke behind him. Based on what I was told to work towards I came up with a RUSH'n Rhino

...and here is what I had to work from. First off it should geared to the younger crowd age 7 to 21. It can not have any colors that the other pro teams in Edmonton have. Black and silver first choice with a bight third color to add a punch. They wanted something to build a cool mascot around. They wanted nothing to do with Rush'n water, or the Gold Rush...stay away from these. We want something that shows power and rush. OH!....and as cheap as possiable, even FREE would be good. cursing.gif

PS---I now have a Rhino logo for sale rolleyes.gif


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You have a great, great start here. I'd nix the orange and find a different primary color...it doesn't seem to fit here. Also, try to make the "RUSH" text a little more legible...I'm not sure if it's the font or the colors used. Like I said, great start though.

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