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Carolina Hurricanes


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Just kinda thought of a new and fresh idea. I like the alternate logo better so I used that and pretty much kept with the same color scheme and all--nothing too radical :D

* Bye the way, there are supposed to be the 3 stripes on the bottom of the white jersey too but they got cut-off

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I like the jerseys the Hurricanes have now. These are okay, the white stripes at the bottom of the color jersey seems kinda weird. The vertical black lines make it seem like the jersey is a vest and I don't like that.

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- using the flag as the new primary crest;

- keeping the colors (a natural match given the flag)

- keeping the current numbers (convey motion, wind)


- the seemingly-random stripes: vertical bars at the sides, arches coming from the armpits, black bands across the top of the shoulders and sleeves (odd mix of straight lines and curves

- the non-italicized name font (appears very stodgy where the rest of the uniform - and nickname - give the idea of speed and force)

- gradient striping at the waist stripes (each contrast color stripe gets thinner toward the bottom)

- wasitline stripes only come 1-2" from the side seams then disappear (leaves large areas without stripes)

- sleeve cuffs do not match waistline (one has tiny stripes, one has none at all)


- the proper symbol for a hurricane would be two red square flags with the black square inside it, not one flag. Add the 2nd flag; one flag by itself means gale force warning.

- outline for the crest; that little black circle looks wrong on the white jersey (it cuts through the flag and the stick), and the red flag blends into the body of the red jersey (outline the entire logo)

- new font for the player names, something that "moves"

- revamp the color bars (curved OR straight, but I wouldn't do both)

- extend the stripes so that they cover more than a couple inches on a colored side panel

- make it less busy over all; too many elements defies the axiom "LESS IS MORE."

- find a way to keep the hella-cool hurricane flag stripe that the 'Canes have now on the waists of their jerseys (easily my favorite part of their jersey)

All in all, a nice idea. This could be really good once it gets smoothed out and made more consistent.

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hey i've been reading the board for a while now, decided to finally post. im def not the creative type nor am i the "able to design stuff on computers" type but im a sports/logo nut so i always love checking out the stuff you guys do--its awesome.

anyway, i really love this logo for the carolina canes, one thing i would say is this, though...

the symbol you have, with one flag--is actually the sign for tropical storm. when there's a hurricane they fly 2 of those flags, one on top of the other. kind of a minor detail, but probably an impt. one as well.

i went to the University of Miami and live in South Fla. so I know about this stuff all too well. keep up the great work.

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