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Roddick In Trouble At the Open


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Any tennis fans in here? Andy Roddick has lost his first two sets and seems to be in some big trouble in a first round match. Unbelieveable, as for Roddick its usually a cakewalk to at least the quarters, straight sets all the way. Anyone as surprised as myself here?

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Don't you get it, it's all part of the left-wing conspiracy to destroy America! A guy with a French sounding name dispatches America's best young tennis player. I bet Michael Moore and George Soros have something to do with this! How can we let America's best hope be defeated by some dirty Frenchie in the US Open, on our own damn turf?

In all seriousness, Roddick hasn't been having the best year, but I'm surprised he got knocked out in the first round. His serve is suited for the hardcourts, but he just couldn't put it together. He needs to go back to Brad Gilbert (his former coach) or hire Agassi when he hangs it up.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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