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New Court Design


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The team is evil, but the floor design is definitely an improvement over what they had before. And they finally removed black from the court design, leaving it for Milwaukee's real college basketball program. Comments?

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[snip]However, it could do without the "We Are Marquette."

I must strongly disagree with this. While I hate the school (it says I must on the back of my UW Diploma), the "We are [clap-clap] Marquette" chant is what they have. They don't cheer for the mascot, they cheer for the school.

I only wish that Al McGuire's name were a little more prevalent.

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"We are Marquette" might be dumb and stupid, but not gay.

Unless Marquette is 100% homosexual, that statement doesn't fly.

I take it you haven't been there? :P

Of course you haven't been there ;)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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