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Nationals Uniform Concept


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Well, since I haven't posted a concept for comments in a while, here is an idea I started way back for the Nationals and decided to explore more. I wanted to address the problem with the "W" on the cap not matching anything else on the uniform by marrying it with part of their wordmark. In the process, I went ahead and tweaked the rest of the home uniform a bit as well. I can't say it is better then what they have now, but at least it is a different interpretation of how to handle the "W" problem.



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Chocolate and peanut butter this ain't. This is more like Jeff Goldblum and the housefly in his teleportation machine.

But you presented the concept very nicely, and I would think of this as an experiment, in that it's never a failure as long as you get good data. In this case, the data pretty well confirm that while the pretzel W can look just fine on a cap above a jersey with the Nats' block lettering, the two just can't get any closer than about sixteen inches without going horribly, tragically wrong. You've certainly made this as good as it can possibly be made.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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