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Signiture Images for Those Who Want em


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Take a look at my signitures under this message. If you like them and want some made for your favorite team, leave a post under here or email at RedFalconATL@yahoo.com or check AIM for RedFalconATL. Will have them done as quickly as possible.

And for those who have multiple images, I suggust you make gif images out of them like i have... not hard at all you can use this Animation Studio or something else if you know how... All you have to do is save the images as JPGs and the rest is really easy...

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You guys are killin me... I'm a Falcons, Red Sox and Patriots fan...

how do the falcons get in there :blink:

yeah it is kinda weird, im from maine, ive been a falcons fan since 2001 and the pats are my second favorite team because well im from new england... and i like the red sox because its in my bloodlines, my grandpappy grew up watchin ted williams, my dads favorite player was yaz, now the only team i really follow is the red sox... and of course the yankees but i have to follow them to keep up with the sox... i dont really even have a favorite basketball team, but i'd say maybe PHX or MIN.. no hockey team, im not a hockey person at all

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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