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Sport book covers designed with good taste


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Folks, I love to read books. Of course I also love to read sport books mostly those about baseball.

As a graphic designer I give much importance to its covers.

Let's show your favorite covers. Here go my favs.


This cover caught all the '50 baseball atmosphere.


I like all the 8 books of Chadwick and Spindel (including its covers, of course!) That is an example of good mix (it's not a collage because no image is superposed to another one)


Great design, great cover's paper.

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Wonderful cover for a wonderful book.


The first cover is for the hardcover version, the other is for the paperback version. Both of them very nice covers for a great book.


Those three books of Glenn Stout have very nice covers (with great paper) but the jewel is inside of them: strong prose and very well executed production.

Ah, those Glenn Stout's books have some relief. This is very pleasant to the tact.

They have one of the best graphic diagrams for books ever that I saw in my life. Maybe other book with an excellent graphic diagram is:


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tohasbo, I'm a Red Sox fan, I've that book and I think it's terrific.

But I bought it because of their authors, not by the cover.

The cover is 5/10 because of the font and color of "Faithful". The font is similar to the one from the Red Sox but there are better Red-Sox-alike fonts around than the one used in that cover...

And why the color green? I think it's about some Irish stuff around Boston but it doesn't match good with red, white and black.

Gordie, excellent covers!!! Those two about baseball, I have them. October 1964 has a simple illustration matching the Mick against Bob Gibson.

The Teammates is a helluva cover/book! Very, very good history printed on a great paper (with irregular cut as fashioned 50 years ago) and its cover is marvelous. The title has relief. The Photoshop of the old photo was a good job.

The Goal has the kind of cover that I like: a stood out object or person over the atmosphere. Good use of the colors.

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Another great book by David Halberstam is 'Summer of '49', about a classic Red Sox - Yankees pennant race.

Unlike a lot of sports books, which tend to rely on stats and collections of anecdotes to tell the tale, Halberstam's books are character-driven, and this one features two of the giants of baseball, Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio, leading their teams in an authentic saga as compelling and dramatic as any work of fiction.

edit: added the cover version of the copy I have

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Oh, yeah, you all said about Mr. Halberstam.

Generally I like all his books but he wasn't the designer of the covers of his books.

The current cover is that:


And I have the book with this cover:


I didn't like those two covers although the lettering of the second one saves it from some criticizing.

Well, I bought Summer of '49 because of its exceptional narration (that is the real value of the book) not its cover.

Another very good cover is that:


Very colorful (well chosen colors) to show some old baseball history in Cuba.

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