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Personally, I don't get it. It seems a bit (well, not "a bit"...more like "a lot") abstract, really.

- Why does it look like the bird's got lips?

- I get the curvy unibrow as the seams to a baseball, but it looks like a cross between Roman Cechmanek's Philadelphia days and The Rock's People's Eyebrow.

- Speaking of eyes, why does the bird's right eye look good, while the left eye looks like someone smacked this guy with the ugly stick?

- Again, what's with the swoosh?

- Why the tiny overflow of orange just between the right eye and the top of the beak?

- And do I really need to mention the two different fonts? Better than four as on the Washington concept, but these don't mix.

Yeah, dude, this :censored: is weird.

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I think that would look really good if it just didnt look so off. I agree with wheateater on almost everything he said, LMU when he said it looks like it was punched. Just fix up the face and you might have something going.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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