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Providence steamroller 2003


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Couldn't make the NFL farm team challenge deadline due to professional deadlines, but I still had ideas going.  Here's the first:

The return of the Providence Steamroller (minus unis)!


Please let me know what you think...this was a quick inspiration.

(My presentation style is different.  I am planning a major re-work to my pages soon.)

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I always thought about a way to make the Steamrollers into a cool logo. The problem was that the name was cool, but the actual piece of equipment was boring looking. I think you got something really fun and a little inspired here. Dig it.
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Definitely perfect for the minor-leagues!  It's a lesser market, the name and the logo going with it are both whimsical, and for the sake of geography, they'd probably be a nice fit with the New England Patriots!

I look forward to seeing uniforms for these guys ... I presume they won't be plain red uniforms with block numbers like the guy on the logo's wearing ...

And how long until we can see the Frankford Yellowjackets and Pottsville Maroons resurrected?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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