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Duke Alternate Logo


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Whats happening fellas? I put together an alternate Duke logo; sort of like the black basketball uni's. I don't think this should replace the traditional logo, but compliment it. Maybe it could sell a few tshirts with the younger Dukies.


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I oriented the horns in a number of different ways and those were the only ones that seemed to fit because everything else is flowing counterclockwise. It was all done in Photoshop.

He is wearing "goggles" of some sort. My concept was a direct interpretation of their current logo; just a "meaner" and updated version. If you look at their current logo, he has on the same type of headgear as well as chin, nose and ear features.

I am going to try the idea of making the logo into a D.


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I hate Duke as much as the next person, but I'm going to have to defend them here. :puke:

1. It was bad enough when Duke added black to an otherwise beautiful look with their traditional school colors. Now, your first logo is more than half black. Their colors are royal blue and white.

2. The way you did the eyes looks more like the Bono glasses than his eyes. Maybe it's the lining around the eyes, but it doesn't look right. Or devilish. Or scary.

3. Not sure where you're going with the "C" shape of the overall logo. No "D"? There's no reason for your logo to have this shape, and I don't know what you're conveying with this shape.

4. The fang is something between a snake and an eel. Either way, it doesn't look right.

5. The jawline and neck are just jarring to look at. Not human, not intimidating, not demonic.

It's an OK concept, but the execution is lacking here. Nothing about this look like something Duke would adopt or want as their logo. Sorry, can't say I like this one. And Duke sucks.

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