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NFC West Alts


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And there have been some amazing things down with Paint--keep it up and the "49" wouldn't look so "squished" as was said above.

I think the Rams' 2 golds was just an oversight, and you forgot to change the colour in a spot.

Maybe try something a bit more different...

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MSPaint is not an excuse. Plenty of people do good work in Paint.

For what it's worth, the execution is not the biggest drawback with your work. The concepts aren't that strong, so you're starting from a position of disadvantage. The drawings are done well, but a crappy car with a nice paint job is still a crappy car.

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Rams: The best of the bunch, still not too strong though. The STL doesn't really look necessary where you have it, but the "R" isn't enough.

9ers: I agree that it's squished.

Cards: Again, that idea's been done, but I do like it.

Seattle: I'm not really reading "Seahawk" from that. It's just eyes.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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