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just read the story , it'll tell you everything you want to know

Ask Jeeves logo going bye-bye:shocked:

that sucks though. most search engines just have a logo that has their name. AJ had a face not just a typeface :cry:

It was actually a good move on their part. If you read about the reasons they did it, it makes sense. AskJeeves was originally designed for you to ask a question in the search field "What is the capital of Arkansas?" and it would give response...where as google you can say "Capital AR" and it pops up.

They have dropped the question format and now operate with algorithms much like Yahoo or Google does. Thus people will remember Jeeves with how bad that search function sucked. That is pretty much my understanding of why they are dropping the Jeeves and just keeping Ask.com.

Basically they are just trying to complete with Google...and we all know that Google is quickly taking over the world.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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