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What is the official color of the Bucs Helmets?


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I guess they can call it "Buccaneers Pewter" if they want. But that isn't the color that real pewter (the metal) is.

If anything, pewter looks like a slightly dull silver. It is, after all, an alloy that is primarily tin. (Wikipedia article)

This is the color of real pewter:


(It is a very popular metal for making beer steins!)

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hey Astrobull,congrats on your USF thrashing of Louisville! I live in Lou and your boys shut those Cards down. UL fans around here are ready to jump off a bridge though;u guys went and ruined their Natl Championship.

As if they had a shot at the National Championship to begin with. The Big East is a joke conference now. It's almost reverted to a "Mid-Major Conference." USC has a pretty easy schedule, and Louisville's schedule is tenfold easier. (I admit the PAC-10 is getting better, though.) If USC and Texas and Ohio State all finished with 1 loss and Louisville finished undefeated, I'm pretty confident they would have gotten left out of the BCS Title Game. Either way, though, Louisville blew it, and it wasn't even close.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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