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Patriot logo concept


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It COULD work, but as of now it needs some major cleanup. Some quick tips:

- the stripes need to be evened out. To the naked eye you can tell the stripes are not all the same thickness.

- the blue stripe... well, it just ain't right.

- the stars look a little haphazard. Since the stars have always been placed in some regular pattern on every American flag in history, a little more regularity would make this look more professional.

- the gray hair and pink face give the logo too mnay colors. You could make a more stylized logo with just white for the face and hair. It might look a little pale, but if you make the face less detailed and more of a conceptualized design, people would get the idea. The Flying Elvis doesn't have normal skin tones either, but you get the idea it's a face because of the relative lack of detail, or just enough to give you a clue as to what it's supposed to be.

- since the bust of Washington doesn't have an anatomically-defined end, make its bottom the bottom of the logo. With an irregular border one one side, it would look less like a quarter, and give you freedom to throw a wordmark in there.

-if it's supposed to be Washington, the facial features need to be worked on. The nose, the eyes, the mouth are all not Washingtonian. I know you work with a thick line, but it looks like Washington mostly because it looks like a quarter to the viewer. Were it a different shape, it might look less like Washington.

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