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Nba hockey jerseys


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I like the overall concept!

I am wondering, though, what made you choose certain looks. The Blazers and Mavs have their modern alt, but the Hawks and Rockets have older logos (and the Rockets have older colors). Also, I was hoping that every team would have their unique number font represented on the jerseys (provided they have unique fonts) - the Hawks and T'wolves have had numbers that for years have set them apart and become part of their identity.

Those minor questions aside, I really like these. I'd like to see more. Great work!

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You revived a 2-year old thread to add four words worth of input?

What made you... I'll stop there.

hahaha.. hey, it's news to the noobs (like me). If it weren't for random bumpers all kinds of good stuff would fall by the wayside.

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I like the jerseys but the Portland jersey would be much better with just the primary logo on the front instead of the flames and "BLAZERS" script. Personally, I think the Blazers have the best logo in the NBA without the flames and circle.

The Warriors jersey is especially good, perfect colors and trim. Hawks jersey is another winner. Timberwolves as well.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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