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Oakland A's New Uniform


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I think you have this hyperlinking idea all wrong.... you just posted a folder on your hard drive. You need to upload the images on a website such as photobucket.com Also there is a concepts scetion to the board.

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wow. Even I wasn't that bad when i was a really new member. I was bad but not that bad.

Hey, give the guy a break.

Like quadival said, go to photobucket.com and upload the image there. Then get the link to the image and post it on here.

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BTW, did people notice the green shirts in the FENWAY bleachers today?


I have a successful buddy who pitched my idea to the BoSox 2 years ago, and they experimented with it 1 week later.

This topic also concerns another idea of mine, since my dream is to run promotions for the Oakland A's.

I dislike new jerseys. I am a fan of tradition. 99% of the jerseys are perfect and have no reason to change. However, it is easy to be entranced by the look of a new uniform.

So, if any A's promotions people are reading this, here is my idea:

-- Every year, have a design contest for a new cap/logo/uniform. For one game that year, the team will wear that uniform. That way, the team can market that jersey for sales, yet still keep tradition alive, and keep the image of the team in the hands of the voting fans.

That's my idea... it's not rocket science, but it seems like a cool idea.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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