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My Latest Jersey Project


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I found this on Ebay a few weeks back marked as an authentic,blank S.Carolina Gamecocks jersey.With shipping I only spent $15.00 so I figured I would take a flyer on it and see what it was all about,but I fully expected it to be a blank replica.

Well,I got it in and expected it and almost could'nt believe it,then I got 3 sources to verify and it is in fact an authentic jersey from the 1997 season that somehow has slipped through the cracks and ended-up with me.Then the other day I checked out collegejerseys.com and they had 2 1997 jerseys on their site which matched mine.I've already got about 5 jersey projects I'm working on for friends now but I could'nt pass up the chance to restore this one.I already have a 1995 game worn Steve Tanneyhill Gamecocks jersey and a 1996 #18 as well,so soon I'll be able to add a 1997 #18 to the collection.I just wanted to post the before pics here as I'm about to get started on it and then chart the progress in this thread as I go.If this one turns out well then I may have a future in "jersey restoration"....if there is such a thing.




1997 pic collegejerseys.com


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