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Busch Stadium III logo


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Today after the last regular season game, the Cardinals unveiled the new Busch Stadium logo.

I can't find an image yet, but basically it was the towers that will be present with a bird resting on each. The steel spans that will be a traditional image of the new stadium spaned these. Above that they have the New Busch Stadium font spelling out "Busch Stadium" and below a banner that just says "St. Louis"

Basically, this was rendered:


I thought it looked nice. Kinda reminded me of the Coors Field Logo. If I find a picture (or if anyone else has one) I'll post it.

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A modified version of the Busch III logo will be a patch on the home sleeves next year, with "INAUGURAL SEASON" replacing "BUSCH STADIUM" at the top and "2006" replacing "ST. LOUIS" in the ribbon below the logo.

Looks very, very, very sharp.

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I like it, but I think it could be made exponentionally better if BUSCH STADIUM was set in the "St. Louis Cardinals" script typeface seen between the towers on Pat's CG rendering in the first post. It would be more authentic and have more character.

Well, I believe the font used on the stadium facade is what you see in the logo. At least that was what the renders had once they said it would be busch stadium. The "Cardinals" stuff was just until naming rights were decided.

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In regards to the typeface, that is the Busch Stadium typeface that will appear on one of the main corners of the stadium as seen here:


As you can see though, that is not the area that the logo encompasses, so I'm not sure. Still, I think going with the stadium font is the right move.

In regards to it looking like a bridge, in a sense, it IS a bridge. Much of the features of the stadium are inspired by the Eads bridge accross the mississippi.

As you can see with these shots, that piece is very similar to and actual section of the Eads bridge.

(linked to, not posted, b/c of size)



I think it's a really nice logo.

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