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Raytown South Cardinals


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As many of you know, I am the head 8th grade football coach. Keeping tabs on you guys and keeping my fantasy teams updated keeps me pretty busy. That and teaching, I don't have much free-time, but I'm here on the Boards at least twice a week.

Just wanted to let you know how my season is going, now that we are half way through the season. For those of you who don't know me, I am a teacher in the Raytown, Missouri School district, a suburb of Kansas City. I am in my 7th season as a coach here in our school district. Many of the members here on the boards have contributed logos, designs and Ideas for my teams over the years.

I haven't forgotten those 4 of you that designed the basketball court - I will be sending you the 'new' Basketball T-shirts when they come in (plus I'm broke right now - you know we teachers just rake in the money$$$ :P ) I'll post pix of the new BB floor later this week. I just filled up the disk on my camera.

Currently both the A-Team and B-Team are 3-0. See the results below;

A- Team Results B-Team Results

RS - 48 Belton Pirates - 0 RS-24 Belton - 0

RS - 14 Excelsior Springs Tigers - 6 RS-36 Excel. Spgs - 0

RS - 31 Pioneer Ridge Explorers - 14 RS-22 Pioneer Ridge - 6 (scored on the last play of the game).

We have a very, very tough game this Tuesday @ Ray-Pec. They are a 5A class school (Missouri has 6 classes - we are a 4A school) and current State Football Champions from 2004. They are a 'true program', with the kids playing together since 4th grade. Our kids have played football, but all of our players have just joined together during their 8th grade year (having played for many different Pop Warner teams). A bit of a disadvantage, but we have played them well over the years.

Ray-Pec beat our other district school, Raytown Blue Jays 62-6. Ouch!! :therock:

Wish us luck - Just thought you'd like to know how it's going.


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Isn't Raytown the name of the town in Momma's Family?

That is correct. The story, as I am told, is that Carol Burnett, who at the time was a very popular TV actress with her own show (I used to watch it growning up).

She was passing through Raytown when she was pulled over in Raytown. When she was asked by the police officer to provide her license and registration, she asked him if he knew who she was. At this point facts get mixed with fiction.

As it would have it, there was a 'fiasco', whether she went to jail or not has never been told to me. However, she was furious when she left Raytown. When she started the show "Mama's house", she set the family in Raytown, even with a story from the show where Mama get's pulled over by the cops and there's a big fiasco.

All meant to poke fun at us 'cowtown' folks here in the KC area.

There you have it - :P

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