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Best NFL Uniforms


Which NFL team has the best uniforms?  

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raiders... i hate the team, but they're up there with the chicago blackhawks, as best uniforms in all of sports.

simple and as close to perfect as anyone else has gotten.

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Da Bears. Unique numbers, striped socks, "GSH", unique (to pro sports) colors. Simple, classy, easily identifiable.

#2: Colts. See above, minus the "GSH".

#3: Jets. Well-executed update of the look that they're best known for (Super Bowl III/Namath Era). Minus 1/2 of a point for the nonsense they're doing this year, not coloring the sleeves all the way around.

#4: Browns. You see where my preferences lie...

#5: Steelers. And I like the new unique numbering font to the old block numbers. Another well-done reason to be known for standing out.

#6: Eagles. And yes, I am an Eagles fan. No, I didn't like the midnight green when it came out (mostly because I had to update some stuff). But it's grown on me - the longest stretch of consistent winning in 70+ years does that to you...

#7: Vikings. For making purple look classy.

[sKIP #8 - #29. I don't have all night...]

#30: Cardinals. Like the helmet logo update but they went far beyond what they needed to do in the name of modernizing, and a lot of what they did was awkward (the oddly-placed white darts along the red shoulders, the logo beneath the back of the collar) or a lapse in judgement (black piping, colored yoke). All in all, it comes off forced IMO.

#31: Seahawks. Ruined a great look with great colors for the slate blue monochrome nightmares.

#32: Bills. A blend of every bad idea you could throw into 1 uniform: two neighboring shades of blue; color schemes from 2 different eras melded into 1; piping; colored yokes; side panels; monochrome optional; helmet from a past era not updated along with the uniforms. :puke: squared.

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