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Sports teams as superheroes?


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Do you think someone could do a New York Giantsman (or Mr. New York Giant, whichever name is appropriate)?

Just go to the site I linked to in the first post and go for it--it's quite easy.

Oh and Wilson?

What team is that for? :D<_<

Yeah I guess a purple & yellow viking is a giveaway!

Thanks for posting yours as well everybody who has!

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Alouette Man (so the 3 Ontario teams can be together)-


Finally, a superhero I can relate to...

...able to battle the Ontario 3 in a single thrust, to fight for truth, justice and the Quebec way. Faster than a Tiger-Cat, more agile than a Renegade, and more powerful than the world's most evil supervillain -- Argoman!!!!


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The CFL is now done with the Ontario 3-

Tiger Cat Man-


Since Hamilton has used yellow before I did here for some things-the weapons not only reflect the cat, but the city's steel industry.

Renegade Man-


Mostly based on the logo--there's a rat as hero machine doesn't have a beaver, and the rat suits Ottawa :D )

Argonaut Man-


Basically reflecting the Argonauts of mythology.

Next I may do the US CFL teams, the Calgary Flames or take a break...

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