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The reason for that is they didn't want people to think an M stood for Minneapolis, even though it would have stood for Minnesota.  The team played in Bloomington, a suburb (the Mall of America now sits on the site of the old Met Stadium), so that they wouldn't be officially in either Minneapolis or St. Paul.  

There's a huge rivalry between the two Twin Cities, though it's much better now than it was back then.  There were a lot of compromises made so that the Twins could come into existence.

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Aren't all the Big 4 sports in Minnesota played in Minneapolis-St. Paul, thus why we have the Minnesota Twins, the Minnesota Vikings, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Minnesota Wild?
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Ahh a Minnesota topic, i feel so at home.

Well it is true that all of our major franchises play in the metro area, which comprises of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs.  kinda like Dallas-Fort Worth, but smaller, closer together and nothing like Dallas-Fort Worth :laugh:

The Twins and Vikings play at the metrodome, in downtown Minneapolis (theres a great read about how the local minneapolis paper and politicians pushed the 'dome through in the 80s into a location not suitable, which explains why the place is such a dump)

The Timberwolves play at the Target Center, also downtown Minneapolis, closer to the bar and entertainment area.

The Wild play in  Downtown St. Paul, nearby sites for a future twins stadiums are being mocked up and shot down almost daily.

The Vikings stadium push now seems to be pointing at a piece of land close to their headquarters in Eden Prairie, which is a ritzy suburb west of the 'cities.'

There have even been rumours of the timberwolves trying to get out of the target center lease by having the city buy it and release them from it (this i dont get) and let them move to the lovely xcel center in st. paul.

So yes, we cant really call a team the st. paul wild, or minneapolis twins, because A.) the cities are small when by themselves (300,000+ in Minneapolis, probably 200,000+ in st. paul) and B.) they wouldent want to alienate any of the outstate fans in n.dakota, s.dakota, iowa and other major-sportless states in the midwest whom are already fans any further.

Also i remember when the twins changed unis to the underlined M in the 87 season, they wanted to make sure everyone knew the m standed for minnesota, so what mockba says is indeed accurate.

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Everything tj said...tho i though the vikes were thinkin of gettin a stadium in blaine, near the National Sports Center?

And the Gophs need an on campus football stadium

Yep Blaine is another possible location, the EP locale is just the latest rumour, it sounds like they are going to have to get a sweet deal to get the state congress to ok public funding.  

The gophers are working on an on-campus stadium, im a wishful thinker but id say theyll have one by 2010.  A local sports writer said they want to open it playing notre dame like the good ol days.  Anyone would draw better than tulsa and louisiana-lafayette.

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