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In one of my first posts i talked about a fantasy basketball league and that i needed 30 jerseys for 30 teams. well i lied, sort of. It's not really a fantasy league.

Well then, you've really gotten off on the right foot around here, haven't you?

First a mysterious gremlin seizes your account and posts your resignation and now you disclose on your own accord that you misled people in an effort to get free graphic assistance for your computer genius uncle and your computer basketball game project? (And I presume you and your uncle intended to profit off of this venture?) Does he by any chance also have connections to Vikings front office personnel or the Buffalo Sabres' "equipment coach?"

Enough with the stories already - and that goes for everyone. Notwithstanding the generally anonymous nature of the internet, this particular community by and large prefers that people act honestly and upfront ---- from the beginning.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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