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Recapping the Astros-Braves series


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Here's your Astros lineup:

Game 1: Gray road unis.

Game 2: Brick "Houston" alternates.

Game 3: Solid white home alternates.

Game 4: Brick "Astros" alternates.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first team to ever wear a different uniform in each game of a playoff series. I'm not sure how to feel about that.

(On second thought, did the '79 Pirates also pull off this trick? They were certainly equipped for the task.)

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I guess I don't have the same aversion to alternates as some people around here.

I thought the Astros looked fine...especially in the bottom of the 18th when I could have cared less what they were wearing!

The Braves wore three different uniforms in the four games. That's seven different uniforms between two teams in four games....and I have no problems with that.

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So the Astros never actually wore their home uniform.

No, they wore they home uniforms on Saturday and Sunday. They didn't wear their "primary" home uniforms. In fact, they won't wear them unless the NLCS goes to a 5th Game, a week from tonight, in Houston. They'll go all-white again on Saturday afternoon and then brick for the Sunday night game.

Hopefully they will stick to the schedule and stick to the greys for the road games (like they are supposed to do on non-Sundays). They lost 2004 NLCS Game 7 and 2005 NLDS Game 2 in the brick alts on Thursday nights, when they SHOULD have been wearing the greys.

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