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Tar Heels concept


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NO to the white helmets. Carolina Blue lids are almost mandatory, even moreso now that NCSU and Duke wear white helmets.

YES to everything else.

Is the number font supposed to match the hoops jerseys? If so, it's not quite Berthold City, just close enough to make it seem like that was your intent. If not, it should be - Colorado and Miami did the right thing by unifying all of their schools' teams identities with common colors, styles and fonts/wordmarks. UNC could do the same, since the hoops team is the most prominent team (with Tennessee women's hoops) wearing Berthold City today. Some argyle somewhere would also enforce schoolwide uniformity (Tulane did it around the collars of their football jerseys a couple years back).

The "NC" gets lost on the blue pants; consider making the monogram white.

Overall, I like them; I'll love 'em when the white helmet is gone. ^_^

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I think it would be better if you didn't use a crappy school like Chapel Hill.


Oh, BigBen... come dry those bitter lil' WFU eyes on our new basketball national championship banner. You'll get one of your own someday, but for now we'll let you see what one (or 4) looks like. There there... :lol:

As for the concept, the blue helmet is infinitely better.

And I am all for using navy, but sparingly. The navy goes a bit beyond what it ought to be, IMO. Consider reversing the blues on the pants striping, so that there is a navy middle for contrast. And I would also minimize the navy stripe on the sleeve, down to thin piping, or just a double white stripe with Carolina Blue in the middle. The navy can look very sharp in places, especially where the Carolina Blue and white adjoin each other (outlining on the numbers and collar, for example). But overusing navy becomes distracting and takes away from the elegance of the school's 2 official colors.

Still, I like the redesign better.

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Funny VitaminD, but I remember the Deacs beating the Heels in January. Hmm.

Funny BigBen, I remember the Heels beating Illinois in April. :therock:

And by the way, we do have plenty of NCAA Championships (in field hockey).

Yeah, we got 4 of them (and we 3-peated a few years before WFU did... B) ), 4 more in lacrosse, 1 in men's soccer, 1 in women's hoops. Let's see, what am I forgetting... oh yeah - the 18 women's soccer titles.

Enjoy your field hockey success, though... :D

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