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All the incarnations you have done have been great , rmered.  I, like the rest of the boards, like the Olde English font.  But a suggestion regarding the bullet holes.  What if you do more of them and have them behind the wordmark?  I'm not sure if that'd look cool but a suggestion nonetheless.  Another possibility is a "negative space" bullet hole instead of the way you have it now.  It looks great but it looks a bit "pasted" on there if you get me.  Given that the word is in black the "negative space" idea might not fly.  Just something I thought I'd throw out there from a humble commentator's perspective.  Good work!

I took what epiphanic wrote to mean: put bullet hole "exit wounds" on the back of the T-shirt that would match up with the bulletholes going through the wordmark on the front.

Which, if that's what he meant, is a brilliant idea. Funny, too.

If that's not what he meant, then go back and check out my totally original gangsta idea for your shirt!! :wink2:

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